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The founding team shares a history of working together to implement successful asset management businesses and a commitment to environmental and social gains. Our entire team builds on this foundation, with each member contributing unique skills and perspectives to collectively deliver unparalleled value to our investors.

Nicholas Kracov
Portfolio Manager

Nick is responsible for firm and fund operations, ensuring first-class oversight and execution. His background in renewable energy and carbon markets further informs research and investment strategy.

Nik Mittal
Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager

Nik has a deep understanding of market trends, strong leadership, and management skills. Nik's strategic vision and expertise continue to position Molecule Ventures for success.

Gary Claar
Senior Advisor

Gary advises the team on strategic decisions and helps navigate carbon market risks and opportunities based on an extensive background in the financial industry.

Nianguo Liu
Research Associate

Nianguo spearheads select carbon and environmental market analysis, providing real-time coverage of regulatory and political developments and supply/demand dynamics.

Grant Opperman
Senior Investment Analyst

With a combination of finance and energy experience, in a public and private capacity, Grant leads research efforts on certain carbon markets and investment opportunities.

Hannah Connelly
Research & Operations Associate

Hannah supports the team to manage and optimize operational processes to ensure the fund's efficient participation in carbon markets.

Laura Valpey Rodriguez
Executive Assistant

Laura ensures streamlined scheduling and efficient administrative support for the Molecule Ventures team.

Let's talk carbon.

Please reach out if you would like to talk climate and clean energy.

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