Partnerships & Investments

Molecule Ventures cultivates collaborative relationships and fosters strategic partnerships with organizations that share our vision and values. Through thoughtful investments, we propel innovation and drive collective success in the ever-evolving climate and clean energy landscape.

Gratitude Railroad

Molecule Ventures partners with Gratitude Railroad to conduct joint due diligence on venture capital opportunities that resonate with our shared impact and sustainability priorities.

Plankton Energy

Plankton Energy is a turnkey mid-market solar project developer focused on broadening participation in the clean energy transition by helping businesses, community organizations, and schools build and utilize solar.

CleanPlanet Chemical

CleanPlanet Chemical leads the way in industrial waste reduction, providing advanced distillation-based recycling solutions for petrochemical solvents that otherwise would be single-use and incinerated.


Goodr transforms food waste into positive change. Recovering excess food and recycling organics, they make a dual impact on the environment and hunger relief.

Blue Ocean Gear

Blue Ocean Gear specializes in Smart Buoy technologies designed to track fishing gear. Their mission is to safeguard biodiversity and prevent the loss of plastic fishing gear in the ocean, lowering customer costs and improving ocean health along the way.


Glacier revolutionizes recycling and waste management through robotics, deploying advanced robots to streamline waste sorting with unparalleled efficiency.

Bridge to Renewables

Bridge to Renewables (BTR) is a technology platform accelerating decarbonization of the transportation sector by enabling interactions between electric vehicles and renewable fuels markets.


Wildfarmed grows regenerative wheat that goes into great tasting flour-based foods that are better for you and the planet.


Molecule Ventures is a member of IETA, a non-profit group enabling industry collaboration in carbon markets and climate action globally.

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